Hi! Welcome to Franklin Worship Center website! Home of everything related to FWC and it’s members! The Franklin Worship Center was started in 1986 with a message of reaching the globe with gospel. With a motto of “Enter to Worship, leave to serve” the worship center has not only impacted its members, but the community as well. Here at FWC you will find a loving and embracing atmosphere and we hope to treat all humans as God’s children. Our pastor is Rodney Box and has been in the ministry for over twenty years. Please come and visit! We will soon have the site up and running at full capacity with pictures along with upcoming news in the surrounding area. This is also the home of the Faith Well Traveled podcast. Please feel free to tithe and donate!


Our Services:


9:30-Sunday School( classes for all ages)

10:30-Church Service( child care to certain ages is available)


7:00 Church Service

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